Yoga Benefits

How Yoga Improves Employee and Business Performance :

Yoga has innumerable benefits. Listing a few based on my own practice :

1. Improves our flexibility

2. Builds muscle strength

3. Perfects our posture

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown 

5. Protects our spine

6. Betters our bone health

7. Increases our blood flow

8. Drains our lymphs and boosts immunity

9. Increases our heart rate

10. Drops our blood pressure

11. Regulates our adrenal glands

12. Makes us happier

13. Foundation of a healthy lifestyle

14. Lowers blood sugar

15. Helps us focus

16. Relaxes our system 

17. Improves our balance

18. Maintains our nervous system

19. Releases tension in our limbs

20. Helps us sleep deeper & better

21. Boosts our immune system functionality

22. Oxygenates us and gives our lungs room to breathe

23. Prevents irritable bowel syndrom and other digestive problems

24. Gives us peace of mind

25. Increases our self-esteem

And so much more.


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