Dance Zumba Studio For Rent in TST

Zumba Bollywood Dance Studio for rent in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon. 


When most of us hear the word “exercise”, we think of treadmills, lifting weights and maintaining good attendance records at our nearest gym. But it seems we’re forgetting an important form of exercise, that millions of people around the world love – and that’s dancing !

Inspire2Aspire Dance studio offers the space for dance instructors to teach their classes – for 15 to 20 people in person, or millions online.

With a combination of mirrors and a surround sound system that reminds you of the time you danced your heart out at a night club, dance instructors across specialties - including Zumba instructors, Bollywood dance teachers and Yoga 
Dance teachers - love the energy and ambiance that the studio brings out in their students during a class.

Inviting all dance teachers to use our facility to teach the following dance forms : - Bollywood - Zumba - Salsa - Tango - Lambada - Step Dance - Irish Dance - Twist - Ballet - Rumba - Belly Dance - Hip Hop - Jazz Dance - Slow Dance - Modern Dance - Mambo - Folk Dance - Classical Indian Dance

Inspire2Aspire boasts a variety of audio-visual facilities, including livestreaming and video recording facilities.

Dance instructors can even livestream their dance classes on Zoom as well as major social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter, unaffected by restrictions on social distancing.

A dance teacher is also welcome to record his/her classes to later be published online for personal / commercial use.

Inspire2Aspire Consulting will also offer video editing services for the dance instructor looking to launch a dance course online.


Inspire2Aspire Dance studio is centrally located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui and it is 5 minutes walk from MTR. It is convenient for everyone in Hong Kong. Open from 8 AM to midnight, the Dance studio offers reasonable rental rates that allow dance instructors to thrive and spread the spirit of dance amongst the community, unaffected by restrictions on social distancing.


‘Dance Is The Joy Of Movement & The Heart Of Life’

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