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Effective Communication Workshops

There are three main forms of communication - writing, speaking and visual communication. At Inspire2Aspire, we teach you how to nail each one - using persuasion techniques in your content and delivery skills. 


Inspire2Aspire's productivity programs clarify productivity definitions and equip participants with tools to manage both time and energy to maximize work completed - on a personal and organizational level.


Our creativity programs and workshops debunk the many myths associated with creativity and provide participants with tools and thinking models to think outside the box. We also tackle obstacles to creativity such as creativity blocks and thriving creatively when you're assessed by the numbers. 

Writing to persuade

Discover the power of deep work and learn how to implement changes to develop cognitive capabilities and achieve peak performance.

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impactful presentations

Learn how to maximize productivity on an organizational level - through interpersonal skills and online tools for team management

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Creativity isn't in-born talent. Learn why and how  you can exercise your creative muscles on a personal and organizational level

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Are you struggling with productivity or creativity?

Inspire2Aspire offers free 30- minute consultation sessions to help you overcome obstacles to peak performance. You can book a consultation through our website or by emailing

Brian Carl,

President, Sir. T.L. Yang English Language Ambassadors Outreach Programme at HKFYG

"Time after time, Joy has demonstrated exceptional work ethics and leadership in the Outreach. She is fully capable of handling large-scale classes of 300 students by herself, and is incredibly gifted in both her writing and speaking skills."


We invited the talented Joy to be our Keynote Speaker for our workshop on Table Topics. Trough her experience as Toastmasters Champion, she communicated practical tips and exercises for our members to practice. The feedback was extremely positive from our members and we hope to invite Joy again in the near future.


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