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Making Employee and Workplace Wellbeing a part of ESG Strategy

We help companies set up Holistic Employee and Workplace Wellness Programs 

Mental wellness is no longer an option in the workplace.

It is a necessity, and a core pillar of growth and investment in an organization’s commitment to shareholders, employees and a foundation for sustainable ESG Strategy.

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Whether your company is getting started or already has a wellbeing strategy, we can support you in assessing, educating, implementing and sustaining wellness initiatives that impact business performance and profitability.

Wellbeing has a direct impact on employee performance and their commitment to an organization

Our trainers are experienced in positive psychology, behavioral health, yoga, mindfulness and happiness. 

Learn more about our Trainers. 

We help companies set up Holistic Workplace Wellness Programs that go beyond occupational health and safety insurance. 

Our Program Objectives include:

•    Workplace Wellness Workshops & Webinars to deliver Equal Access to Wellbeing Resources across Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Workspaces

•    Reducing risk of Burnout in a high-pressure work environment

•    Training Employees in Stress Management and Resilience to cope with the volatility and challenges of the 21st century and Future of Work

•    Team Building Activities for Employees to Bond with Colleagues working from home and from different parts of the world

•    Mindfulness Workshops to Improve Focus in an increasingly distracted world

•    Strengths-Based Talent Development to promote Talent Development and Employee Retention

•    Improving the Employee Experience and Work-Life Balance

•    Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Win-Win Problem Solving, Agility, Collaboration, Open Communication and a Growth Mindset

•    Wellness Training for Human Resources, People Management, Managers, Executives and Business Leaders

•    Consulting Services to Develop and Improve your Organization’s ESG Sustainable Wellness Strategy

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How do your employees score on wellbeing? We help you measure this. Following assessments, we suggest evidence-based tools and guide you through successful implementation to bring up wellness scores in line with company goals

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Workplace Wellness Solutions resulting in Engaged, Vibrant, Positive, Healthy, Happy & High Performing Employees!

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