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10 Ways To Love

Beautiful advice which I think is ABSOLUTELY GOLD. For Relationships to succeed and thrive, this advice should be put on a poster and stuck next to our beds ! Love is not limited in expression to words (praise, acknowledgement, etc) and material gifts. Really!! Reflect on this image quote / reminder which points at ways of being loving towards everybody. Most people love but they attach conditions to their love. If conditions are not met, their love flies out the window. One of the hardest ones (in my opinion) is to forgive without punishing. To forgive is to extend love to another human being. Punishing someone is an active choice. To forgive and bless that same person is also an active c

Boost Joy And Creativity Workshop

How to boost joy and creativity in life? Its easy. At our community workshop we shared with the attendees how they can through play, laughter and dance, through finding meaning and purpose in their lives and making a difference to others, through engagement and reflection become more happier, more successful and more creative in their lives. Great memories of this 2013 workshop which was very well received and appreciated. At Inspire2Aspire, our mission and purpose in life is to be health and happy and to inspire others to be happier and healthier. We regularly conduct FREE community workshops to show how to create health and happiness. Our work is evidence-based and results are long

Fun Fit & Fabulous Lunch and Learn Laughter Workshop @ HSBC Hong Kong

Pictures of our last Fun Fit & Fabulous Lunch and Learn Laughter Workshop for HSBC staff at the HSBC Main Building in Hong Kong. Our Happiness At Work training & workshops help banks, insurance companies and other organizations in Asia create healthy, happy, positive, vibrant, engaged staff and have so many other benefits.

Resolving Relationship Conflicts Book Recommendation

I started and finished reading a fantastic 110-page book Everybody Wins by Gary Chapman (best selling author of The Five Love Languages) in one sitting. Amazing book. It's on the topic of : Solving conflicts without arguing It's a quick read. Packed with awesome ideas, real life examples and practices on how we *can learn* to create fantastic relationships with our loved ones, spouses, partners, etc. Having harmonious, loving relationships is fundamental to our happiness and growth in life. Conflicts are part of every marriage. The main idea is learning how to resolve conflict and not let it become an argument and resentment. Whether you are married or single and intend to get married in the

Train Your Brain With Positive Happy Words

Did you know that doctors and researchers have conducted experiments and concluded that our Word Choice Can Hugely Change & Rewire Our Brains Positive words strengthens the frontal lobe in our brain. The use of positive language can start to change the functions of the parietal lobe which is in charge of how we view ourselves and others. With a positive view of ourselves through the use of positive and encouraging words, it will make us lean towards seeing the good in others too. Negative words increase stress hormones. The use of negative words activates the fear response in us which raises the levels of our stress hormones which the Amygdala is responsible for. Too much negativity and we

Workplace Wellness Workshops Hong Kong Corporate Training

Our co-founder and trainer Veena Dansinghani was interviewed by AJournal magazine. Q: What motivated to you start Inspire2aspire Consulting? We wanted to give back to the community. We wanted to make a difference in the world. We started doing free Laughter Yoga workshops for the community and these were very well received. People who attended our free community workshops started sharing our work with their companies. Companies loved our work because they were getting great results. Our mission is to be happy and healthy and to inspire others to be happy and healthy. That’s reflected in our lives and our workshops. Q: As a starting player in crowded training & coaching market in Hong Ko

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