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Laughter Yoga Workshop

Laughter Yoga Workshop with Dr. Madan Kataria, the Guru of Giggling and the founder of Laughter Yoga. In this 60-minute workshop, Dr. Kataria shared the history of why and how he came up with the idea of Laughter Yoga in 1995. And how the movement has grown phenomenally and now there are over 6000+ laughter clubs all over the world. He shared the health benefits of Laughter Yoga and how it boosts the oxygen supply in our lungs, reduces physical, emotional and mental stress and makes us happier and healthier. We deliver Laughter Yoga workshops and lunch-n-learn seminars to banks, finance companies, insurance companies, hotels, schools, universities, the government, HK Police Department, a

How To Make A Bad Day Into A Great One!

Are you stressed out? Are you having a bad day? Do you want to change it into a fantastic day? Are you willing to take action? Watch this inspiring video by Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma shares the foll. 5 wonderful tips on how to do just that. 1) Change perspective 2) Find the pivot (what's the opportunity here) 3) Exercise, move, do yoga and get the happy chemicals (dopamine, serotonin) in your brain flowing. Get a massage 4) Journaling. Write down what's bothering you on a fresh page in your journal. 5) Access nature. Go take a walk in nature, in a garden, on a beach, in the mountains. Please watch this wonderful video. Guaranteed to flip your day and make you happier. Try it. I us

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