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Positive Emotions In The Workplace
Creating Positive Focus
Intellectual Well-being
Yoga Dance / Dance Aerobics workshop
Stress Buster Workshop
Desk Yoga / Deskercise
Dress For Success Workshop
Work Life Balance And Laughter Yoga
Happy Staff Happier Company
Office Yoga To Boost Vitality
Brain Yoga For Mental Well-Being
Physical Well-being, Healthy Body
Road To Vibrant Health & Wellness
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Positive Rituals lunch-n-learn seminars, workplace wellness workshops, retreats, team building activities, talks, keynote addresses

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List of workshops we offer
- Laughercise Stress Buster
- Laughter Yoga & Yoga Dance For Work-Life Balance & Wellness
- Creating a Positive Focus in the Workplace
- Positive Rituals For Workplace Productivity
- Increase Your Positivity Ratio & Thrive
- Character Strengths & Their Applications
- Practical Tools For Health, Happiness & Well-Being
- Peak Performance Through Breathing & Mindfulness
- Chair Yoga & Deskercise
- Office Yoga For Health & Well-Being
- Yoga For Busy Executives
- Yoga For Rest & Restoration
- Yoga For Detox & Anti-Aging
- Yoga For Weight Loss, Strength and Flexibility
- Brain Yoga For Better Focus, Concentration, Balance & Co-ordination
- Dancercise To Boost Vitality & Creativity
- Positive Focus Laugh-Fit For Team Building
- Gratitude to Boost Positive Emotions & Well-Being
- Appreciative Inquiry Solutions
​- Energize & Recharge Your Batteries
- Happy Staff = Happier Company
- Boost Your Vitality & Creativity
- Thriving & Flourishing in the Workplace
- Creating Awesome, Life-long, Nurturing Relationships in the Workplace
- 10-Step Formula For Thriving Relationships
- 5-weeks Happiness Formula
- 8-weeks to Physical, Mental & Emotional Health & Happiness
- Dress For Success At All Levels
- Positive Rituals To Boost Happiness
- Overcoming Performance Barriers
- Creating an Engaged Workforce using Positive Psychology
- Health & Well-Being Retreat For CEO's & Managers
- S.P.I.R.E. & Its Application In The Workplace
- Workplace Whole Person Well-Being
- Physical Well-Being (Healthy Body, Healthy Habits)
- Spiritual Well-Being (Living a Meaningful, Purposeful Life)
- Intellectual Well-Being (Learning & Growing Successfully in Life) 
- Emotional Well-Being (Boost Positive Emotions & Create Resilience)
- Actions For Happiness & Well-Being
- And many more

Workshop Benefits to businesses & individuals are numerous.

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Based on the amazing work of Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz and their best-selling book "The Power of Full Self-Engagement". In this workshop, we demonstrate how we can create and sustain positive change in our lives by adopting positive energy rituals.

Using evidence-based research and Positive Psychology tools & techniques, we demonstrate how easy it is for every individual and manager to learn, create and integrate life-transforming positive rituals into their lifestyle. 


Taking action involves building a personal development plan grounded in positive energy rituals. Just as negative habits and routines in our lives can be undermining and destructive, so positive ones can be uplifting and revitalizing.

Building positive rituals requires defining very precise behaviors and performing them at very specific times - motivated by deeply held values. And here are some of the benefits of this workshop


Workplace Wellness Solutions resulting in Engaged, Vibrant, Positive, Healthy, Happy & High Performing Employees!