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Circle of Control vs Circle of Concern

This is so true. People nowadays are so tuned into TV shows, social media, politics, celebrities & movies and their lies and scandals AND that's what keeps getting discussed in their daily conversations. That's what becomes our circle of concern.

This is despite the fact that there is practically little to no relevance of that information on our personal lives (and neither can we control any part of it) And yet we continue indulging in it whole-heartedly.

We should rather focus on our circle of control - what we are reading, learning, sharing, our enthusiasm, our attitude, our aspirations, our projects, our skills, our volunteering, our businesses, our family, etc.

Proactive people focus primarily on their circle of control because that's what makes the biggest difference in life. And that's what makes them so successful.

Whereas reactive people constantly keep looking at items in their circle of concern which is a total waste of their time and resources and which makes them relatively unsuccessful in life.

Think about it. What is in your circle of control? If it is really in your control then you should act on it - NOW!

Be focused. Take action in that area TODAY!

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