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How we learn - What we remember

Important Intellectual Well-Being reminder - We remember 90% of what we say and do !

Our attention span and learning capacity is on the decline. We are constantly engaging in activities like social media browsing, instant messaging, whatsapp-ing, etc. This comes at a price. Observe in the image above. Most human beings only remember 1) 10% of what they read. 2) 20% of what they hear 3) 30% of what they see 4) 50% of what they see and hear 5) 70% of what they say 6) 90% of what they say & do Take the case of browsing or skimming through or jumping through posts, photos, windows on social media on computers, smartphones, gadgets, etc. That kind of activity can hardly be considered as reading. It doesn't really register or have the

same impact as reading a book.

We keep getting distracted. It consumes our time and resources for sure, but at the same time, it leaves us empty and craving for more.

People that are considered masters in their crafts usually focus their attention on: SAYING and DOING. Or in other words they focus on TEACHING and PRACTICING their craft. And that's the main or key reason why they are so successful and achieve mastery in that area.

The same applies for all of humanity. If we want to be successful in learning or mastering a subject then there's one sure-shot and proven method :-

1) Teach it to others 2) Practice diligently and rigorously. Thus taking courses, learning new skills is very good but it should also be accompanied by actual practice and sharing what we have learnt with others. Success is guaranteed if we use this formula in our daily lives and in pursuing goals.

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