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Finding Peace In This World - It's Easy !

Yes, finding peace is really easy. Provided we take action. I love this wonderful list of 46 different ways of finding peace in our world. And there are 4 more BONUS ones at the bottom of the list. Remember there is a solution to every crisis and it can only be found when one FIRST finds peace. Choose any 3 activities and practice them daily. Finding peace is guaranteed! 1) Breathe Deeply 2) Forgive and Forget 3) Quiet this constant sense of urgency 4) Take a SPA vacation 5) Let go of the past 6) Look for the positives and appreciate it 7) Have quiet time everyday 8) Find my own mantra 9) Accept my weaknesses 10) Sleep under the stars 11) Control your temper 12) Lighten up! Take life less seriously 13) Love without fear 14) Don't sweat the small stuff (after all it is all small stuff) 15) Don't take things so personally 16) Have a complete relaxation day 17) Ignore what others think of me 18) Live Today (after all there is only TODAY that is guaranteed) 19) Find clarity of thought 20) Avoid drama 21) Accept the world for what it is 22) Accept that I can't do everything 23) Find a way to express yourself 24) Stop worrying about tomorrow. Yeah! 25) Practice meditation 26) Be present in the moment 27) Make peace with my family 28) Listen to my own heart beat

29) Have more patience 30) Stop obsessing about the things that I can't change

31) Get over my first love 32) Care less about material possessions 33) Resolve conflicts 34) Sit quietly and enjoy my own company

35) Live without regrets 36) Keep a journal for self reflection 37) Trust myself more 38) Find balance in what I want to do and what I need to do

39) Conquer chaos 40) Memorize poems that relax me

41) Cry more often... Be it more sadness or happiness

42) Accept imperfection 43) See the beauty in every person

44) Ponder upon an inspiring quotation 45) Overcome my anxiety 46) Find the good in all situations 47) Laugh Out Loud For 2 Minutes or More. Join a Laughter Club / Class.

48) Dance more 49) Appreciate someone wholeheartedly 50) Watch and sing "Don't Worry Be Happy"

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