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The Absolute Works With Nothing - Rumi

Beautiful Empowering Reminder To Cultivate Patience & Empty Receptivity

We are always so busy. We are constantly making plans, building ourselves up, projecting ourselves into the world. Amidst this constant fullness or busyness of life, Sufi mystic Rumi reminds us, that we must also cultivate a sense of emptiness. Be like the empty or blank pages in a notepad so something meaningful may be written on them. Be Nothing. If our hands are full, we cannot receive anything new. For the ground to be ready to receive a seed, it must first be cleared. That takes real courage: patient, empty receptivity. To be at ease with blank, still spaces in the soul. To feel our own fruitfulness and fertility hidden beneath all our activity; instead of filling it, waiting, trusting that some new spark will land and glow and grow. Don't fight that Nothingness. Make it your friend. Allow it to do its magic! See it as a gift from the Absolute.

Source : http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com/blog/2011/07/06/mevlana-jelaluddin-rum-the-absolute-works-with-nothing/

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