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Positive Change In Life

Love this simple reminder by Brian Tracy. Positive change begins when we make a firm resolution and take an unwavering stand to do something or stop doing something.

Please take a few moments to pause and reflect on a few (2-3 max) positive changes that you would like to make in your life. Write them down.

Also please write down what you are going to do or stop doing from now on to achieve those positive goals.

Keep it simple. Diligently practice for 30 days non-stop. Most people lack the discipline.

The reason for continuously practicing for 30 days is to make it a habit. Success is guaranteed if you persist.

Also share about it. What positive change are you creating? Let your family and friends know about your firm resolution. Enlist their support. Let them hold you accountable to your commitment.

Go for it. Good luck on your journey to positive change.

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