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Health practice peace of mind, heart & soul

What is health ? Reflect on this beautiful quote / reminder !

Health is a by-product of :- - Peace of mind (not thinking so much, less anxiety, stress, worry, fear, doing exercise, yoga, etc)

- Peace of heart (loving, contentment, gratitude, appreciation, humility, generosity, sharing, forgiveness)

- Peace of soul (total, unconditional acceptance, connection with the Supreme, blessing others)

How many of us really practice peace ? Think about it. Really, really practice peace ?!? If you want to learn how to integrate peace practices in your daily lives, then you must consider doing the Certificate in Positive Psychology course by the Wholebeing Institute in California. I have done this course and highly recommend anybody who is interested in leading a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle to do this course. Of course one of the easiest, fastest way to peace on all levels is to laugh more and love more.

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