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Happy Creative Positive Inspiring Workplace Workshop

Pictures of our Happy Creative Positive Inspiring Workplace Workshop with the staff of Asia's largest trading company that supplies garments, footwear, health and beauty products, home furnishings in over 350 brands and have an annual turnover exceeding USD 22 billion.

Their PR team interviewed and filmed us so they can share our message of happiness, positivity, creativity with their 28000 employees in 300 offices across the globe.

Grin your smile; giggle your laugh; unfurl your joy; dash the last trace of your self-consciousness; and cavort your most uninhibited play. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Happy workplaces bring huge benefits, not just for people but for organisations too. People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more and have better health, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose. They also have a huge positive impact on the organisations they work for. Evidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative, positive, inspired and committed. We have been delivering happiness & workplace wellness workshops that create happy, positive, creative and inspiring staff in Hong Kong since 2009. Organizations love our happiness at work workshops because they experience so many benefits. If you're interested in creating a happier workplace, then please contact us.

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