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Train Your Brain With Positive Happy Words

Did you know that doctors and researchers have conducted experiments and concluded that our Word Choice Can Hugely Change & Rewire Our Brains

Positive words strengthens the frontal lobe in our brain. The use of positive language can start to change the functions of the parietal lobe which is in charge of how we view ourselves and others. With a positive view of ourselves through the use of positive and encouraging words, it will make us lean towards seeing the good in others too. Negative words increase stress hormones. The use of negative words activates the fear response in us which raises the levels of our stress hormones which the Amygdala is responsible for. Too much negativity and we become edgy as the stress hormones take over our body. “A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.” is their conclusion. Practical application : Use positive words like Happy, Healthy, Positive, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Cheerful, Fantastic, Loving, Intelligent, Wonderful, Nice, Relaxed, Successful, Confident, Friendly, Fun, Laughter, Thank You, Bless You, etc generously and abundantly in your daily life.

Through our positive focus workshops we help people and organizations shape a new positive, joyful reality and create transformation in their lives and in the workplace. The benefits that they get out of this work is fulfilling and long lasting. This article was originally published on the Life Hack website. Check out full article here...

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