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Our co-founder and trainer Veena Dansinghani was interviewed by AJournal magazine. Q: What motivated to you start Inspire2aspire Consulting? We wanted to give back to the community. We wanted to make a difference in the world. We started doing free Laughter Yoga workshops for the community and these were very well received. People who attended our free community workshops started sharing our work with their companies. Companies loved our work because they were getting great results. Our mission is to be happy and healthy and to inspire others to be happy and healthy. That’s reflected in our lives and our workshops. Q: As a starting player in crowded training & coaching market in Hong Kong, how do you find you clients? What are the most effective marketing channels? Initially it was word of mouth. I think the free community workshops is the most effective marketing channel for us. Corporates found out about us because one of their staff had attended a free workshop and recommended us to their boss or HR department. Since our work is experiential in nature, we would arrange a short meeting and then arrange a free 30 minute experiential workshop. We showed them the results - a happier, positive workforce. That was the most effective way to market our workshops. Besides, social media also helped us spread the word and indirectly generated interest in our work. Q: What is your most popular course? It’s “Positive Focus & Stress Busting Laughter Yoga” workshop. Q: Many research papers mention the positive effect of yoga at workplace. Could you share a few exercises everyone can do in the office? Doing yoga in the office can be fun, innovative and relaxing with many long term benefits. They can wipe away body pain, fatigue and tension and increase overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping you fresh and revitalized through the day. Try Neck Roll, Cow Stretch and Seated Forward Bend for a start. Q: From your expert perspective, how do you define employee wellness? We approach wellness from 5 dimensions using the SPIRE model developed by the Wholebeing Institute USA. SPIRE stands for Spiritual Physical, Intellectual, Relationship, and Emotional wellbeing. Employees and managers need to learn to find the right balance in all these 5 areas in order to flourish in life. Q: In your view, what is the biggest employee wellness problem of Hong Kong companies? The biggest wellness problem is that people tend to focus a lot of attention on their material and financial goals. They give very little time to physical exercise, managing emotions, observing and making changes in their conditioned lifestyle, which leads to an imbalanced lifestyle and struggle in maintaining good relationships. "In Hong Kong people tend to focus very little on exercise and managing emotions." Q: What are you top 3 tips on keeping the right work/life balance? I’d say, exercise and do Yoga daily. Access humor. And finally, engage in life-long learning. Q: If you could pick one happy, inspiring and energetic person for everybody to learn from, who would that be? My professor in the positive psychology course - Tal Ben Shahar. He teaches the science of happiness and leads through example. His approach is scientific in nature. He has written several books on happiness – Happier, Being Happy, Even Happier, The Pursuit of Perfect, Choose the Life you want, etc. Q: You’ve been based in Hong Kong for many years, what do you find is most exciting about this city? Hong Kong is so full of amazing, dynamic and hardworking people. There is a drive amongst the local people to excel, which is so refreshing. Plus it is a melting pot of mixed cultures learning from each other. Hong Kong is a gateway to China. An idea that clicks in Hong Kong can expand exponentially in a very short time and reach Mainland China and the rest of Asia very quickly. The possibilities and growth opportunities are endless. Q: You are also an active volunteer. What does volunteering mean to your life? Volunteering plays a very important role in our business and personal lives. It allows us to reach out and make a difference. When we see the joy and the happiness on the faces of our workshop attendees and the lifestyle changes that people make in their lives, it gives us tremendous fulfillment and satisfaction, motivating us to do more. Veena is the Chief Passionate Officer & Co-Founder of Inspire2Aspire Consulting, a company dedicated to increase awareness of well-being amongst employees through corporate workshops. Veena is a certified Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant, Laughter Yoga and Yoga Teacher, with over 20 years of business experience in forming strategic business alliances and partnerships using her creative public relations, event management and marketing skills. She is passionate about inspiring people to to develop their internal & external strengths to boost their self-confidence. Ajournal article link is here : http://www.ajournal.com.hk/#!veena-dansinghani/cf97

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