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10 Ways To Love

Beautiful advice which I think is ABSOLUTELY GOLD. For Relationships to succeed and thrive, this advice should be put on a poster and stuck next to our beds ! Love is not limited in expression to words (praise, acknowledgement, etc) and material gifts. Really!! Reflect on this image quote / reminder which points at ways of being loving towards everybody.

Most people love but they attach conditions to their love. If conditions are not met, their love flies out the window.

One of the hardest ones (in my opinion) is to forgive without punishing. To forgive is to extend love to another human being. Punishing someone is an active choice.

To forgive and bless that same person is also an active choice and an act of love.

Challenge : Adopt, integrate and practice any one of these (or all) ways of loving in your daily life and see your life transform.

Please read, reflect and share with your family and friends because we need more love and forgiveness in our world.

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