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30 Day Challenges For Good Health, Happiness Fitness

Happy 1st September. New month. New beginning. ​You know one of the best things that I learnt in my Positive Psychology course at the Wholebeing Institute was the effectiveness of cultivating change, creating new habits and achieving peak performance through the use of 30-day challenges. I started doing 30-day challenges over 3 years back. And it has helped me tremendously. What are some of your goals for this new month? If you want to cultivate a NEW YOU (with new, healthy & happy habits, new beliefs, new possibilities activities in your life) and sustain them throughout your life, then the easiest way is through taking on 30 day challenges. This format really works. I have been doing this since last 3 years.Think of an area in your life that you desire to shift. Really think about it!!! Write down what YOU are going to do everyday for the next 30 days (for a minimum of 5 -30 minutes daily) to integrate and internalize that habit into your life. Search on Google "30 day challenges" to get new ideas on 30-day challenges. There are so many great ideas out there to improve your health, your fitness, your happiness, your career, your prospects and so much more. Start small (maybe only 2 minutes daily). That's how I began. Once you are comfortable allocating 2 minutes of your daily life to a certain activity, you can slowly increase the time to 5 minutes. Let your body and the mind get used to the new time before you increase it. Focus on the important areas... - Health - Happiness - Positivity - Fitness - Spirituality

In August 2016, I took on a 31-day meditation challenge. I wasn't 100% successful but I did do it for 28 days (almost 90% effective). The idea is take it on as a challenge. Build on it. Don't miss a day. And if you do, renew your commitment and get back on track. This month I am taking on another 30-day challenge to catch up with friends and family (through phone calls, meeting up) that I haven't seen or heard from since long time. What are you taking on this month? Please share (if you want to). Wishing you a fantastic September and an amazing NEW YOU ! We organize lunch-and-learn workshops, seminars, training for many organizations in Asia to show them how they can use this 30-day-challenge technique to improve staff morale and performance and create breakthrough results in the company.

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