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Happiness Training Workshop Benefits

Spending on corporate training is skyrocketing and yet how much of that training goes towards making staff happier ? Companies spend large sums on training staff (whether in IT or HR or sales) which helps them better run their business processes and grow the business. It is well worth considering all the wonderful benefits that happiness brings to staff and in the workplace. In addition to reducing stress, here are a list of some of the benefits of our happiness training workshops.

Research shows that staff are 180% More Energized - 150% More Happier at work & with life - 108% More Engaged - 50% More Motivated & productive - More Creative - More Confident - More Optimistic - More Decisive - Having a Growth Mindset - Quick Learners - Meeting and Even Exceeding Company Expectations - Plus Reduced Absenteeism. For your happiness training needs, please call our hotline 852-21553155 or email us today.

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