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When discussing wellness goals in our wellness / well-being workshops / talks, we always bring up the subject of how goal setting, implementation and management can help us achieve success in our goals. See attached image / statistics. A study was done to see who would achieve their goals successfully. Participants were divided into 5 groups.

Here's what they were told to do...

Group 1 - Just THINK about your goals. How many of us do that ?

Group 2 - Write down your goals. Who has written down their New Year resolutions and done nothing about them?

Group 3 - Write down goals AND your actions & commitments. Hmmm... seems like a natural step.

Group 4 - Write down goals AND your actions & commitments & share with your friends. This is what I love to do and it works. But most people are too scared to share and so their goals vanish in thin air.

Group 5 - Write down your goals AND your actions & commitments & share with your friends & find an accountability buddy to send weekly reports to.Research shows that majority - over 76% - of those who got a friend or family member to share their weekly progress with achieved their goals).

Now that you know the science of achieving goals, are you ONLY going to think about them or go to level 5 ? REFLECT ON IT

Here's the 4 minute video from the Art of Improvement Youtube channel from which I got this info.. https://youtu.be/xeJopg1jrM0 Check out this Youtube Channel - The Art Of Improvement

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