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Well-Being Workshop on Ikigai

I often share about Ikigai in my workshops / talks. What is our reason for being alive? What is our Ikigai? Check out this beautiful illustration

Ikigai is about finding a purpose for being in life. It consists of exploring 4 components :- 1) something that YOU love doing

2) something that the world needs

3) something that pays YOU well

4) something that YOU are good at My Ikigai is health & happiness through laughter & well-being training & education. Check out this 6 minute YouTube video to learn more about Ikigai or the Japanese formula for creating happiness & well-being in life. Thanks to the YouTube channel Improvement Pill for sharing & explaining this beautiful & powerful concept.

What's your Ikigai? Have you found it? Are you working on it? Are you treading a purposeful path in life? Reflect on it.

Our company delivers wide range of health & well-being training / workshops to clients across Hong Kong .Our goal is to inspire people find their Ikigai through fun meaningful conversations, games and exercises that expand their perspective. Attendees derive so many amazing benefits. Great for team building activities, boosting creativity and creating positive focus at work Check out this photo gallery of workshops & retreats here. You can contact us for more via email or call us at 852-21553155

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