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April 26, 2019

We had the wonderful opportunity to do a Laughter Yoga session at IRIS: Your Escape.

Here is a video and some some photos of Hong Kong people enjoying and expressing joy, happiness at IRIS Your Escape. They danced, sang and laughed with us for 1 hour. Happy times !



 Laughter Yoga Stretching and Breathing - Wellness

 Fun Engaging Activity - Smiles all around - Laughter Yoga Wellness

 Aerobic Exercise For Boosting Cardio - Laughter Yoga Wellness

 Dancing & Singing Laughter Yoga Wellness & Fitness

 Group Activity - team building - Laughter Yoga at Wellness Festival

 Exercise & Become Happy - Laughter Yoga Wellness & Fitness


Looking for a fun & creative team-building activity ? Want to break the ice or break communication barriers among different levels to staff ?  

Laughter Yoga is a scientifically proven group activity that helps release stress, generates a lot of positive emotions, builds fantastic relationships, instantly connects people and breaks communication barriers, is a fantastic detox and energizer which is also helpful in weight loss and is anti-aging.

Contact us for a free community session or we can even custom design a workshop for corporates 

We do laughter yoga workshops for staff of banks, insurance companies, hotel, government organizations, property companies, finance companies and many others.

Contact us at 2155-3155 or send us an email.


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