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Wellness Talk in Hong Kong - Naturecure

Health & Wellness Talk Hong Kong - What I learnt at Jindal Naturecure Institute Bengaluru. How to create health using natural, nature cure techniques like diet, nutrition, yoga, massages, laughter yoga, exercise, fasting, naturopathy.

Training by Mahesh Pamnani, Inspire2Aspire Consulting and Joy Pamnani, HKU. Inspire2aspire Consulting is Hong Kong's leading trainer on health and wellness. At Inspire2Aspire Consulting, we deliver workshops & talks that train people to adopt natural remedies and become health & happy. Our clients include Hong Kong's leading banks & insurance companies, the food & beverage industry, government organizations, property companies, schools & universities If you are interested in training your staff to become healthy and happy, please contact us or

call us at 852-21553155

https://hk.linkedin.com/in/pamnani https://hk.linkedin.com/in/joy-pamnani-b2672712b

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