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Healthy Happy Challenge Day 3 - Cleansing, Purifying Breathing Jalneti kriya

Day 3 - Today we teach you how to clean & maintain your breathing apparatus - your nose, your nostrils, your sinuses, your lungs.

To stay Covid19 free, please practice regularly. It is cheap to get a Jal Neti pot or similar pot with a funnel that can control the flow of the water. Make sure you add a pinch of salt in water. This is a community initiative for the entire world to fight against the COVID19 virus. Please watch it, do it and share it with your family and friends. Jal Neti Technique Video Excerpt used in this video was taken from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suTvIOzjhXY Exact words of my Yogi friend (who is a Captain and Yoga trainer in the Indian Air Force): This virus enters our body through eyes, nose and mouth. It stays in the nasal cavity for few days and flows down to the throat. From here, if it falls on the food track it doesn't harm so much except stomach ache or loose motion. But if it enters the lung, it rapidly grows to cause pneumonia. Resulting in inability to breath and death. Daily Jal neti kriya removes this virus from the nasal cavity, maintaining health and hygiene of all seven doors between the ajna and vishudhi chakras. It's never too late to start.

This is a community initiative for the fight against the COVID19 virus. Do please PARTICIPATE (Try it) & SHARE with your friends and family. Let's bring some positivity into our lives during these challenging times.

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