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Connect Socially For Mental Emotional Health Well-being Happy Healthy Day 6

Today's wellness tip is on connecting with family and friends. This wellness tip is part of a 21-day challenge where our team of wellness and happiness trainers share practical tips to create a happy, healthy life. Most of us are under partial or full lockdown and unable to go out and unable to have social interactions with our friends and family. This can lead to a feeling of isolation, loneliness even depression. Now this is not good for our wellbeing. Human beings are social animals. We thrive on connecting with others. So my humble request is that you start connecting virtually with your family and friends.

Today technology like Google Meet Zoom Skype Facetime Whatsapp allows us to make video calls and see and interact with our loved ones. People all over the world are organizing online movie parties, dance nights, singing nights, game nights, etc. This technology is SO EASY to use. Try it. Start Zooming or Skyping. You will love it and never look back. In fact you may even find it easier because you can have great conversations in your pyjamas. That was today's wellness tip. So who are you going to get in touch with TODAY. Call Now.

Please please do this, stay healthy and share it with your family and friends.

This is a community initiative for the fight against the COVID19 virus. Do please PARTICIPATE (Try it) & SHARE with your friends and family. Let's stay happy and healthy and bring some positivity into our lives.

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