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Continuous & Lifelong Learning, Intellectual Wellbeing, Growth - Happy Healthy Day 9

Today's wellness tip is on the subject of Continuous & Lifelong Learning. Very important aspect of well-being. This wellness tip is part of a 21-day challenge where our team of wellness and happiness trainers share practical tips to create a happy, healthy life.

Many of us are very fearful of the future. There is a lot of uncertainty and that is going to stay for a while. Our old skills are not sufficient to thrive in life. We need to prepare ourselves, equip ourselves with new skills and abilities to deal with the challenges of this new, uncertain and ever changing future. We share 3 amazing online education resources to equip ourselves with new skills The Great Courses Plus https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/ Masterclass https://www.masterclass.com/homepage Coursera


Universities worldwide are launching online learning. Check out the word MOOC (which stands for Massive Open Online Courses) on Google. I am sure you can find some topic of interest that will make you grow and give you lots of new opportunities in the future. This is a community initiative for the fight against the COVID19 virus. Do please PARTICIPATE (Try it) & SHARE with your friends and family. Let's stay happy and healthy and bring some positivity into our lives.

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