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Discover Your Purpose - Ignite Your Passion & Flow Happy Healthy Day 8

Today's wellness tip is around finding your purpose and reigniting your passion. This wellness tip is part of a 21-day challenge where our team of wellness and happiness trainers share practical tips to create a happy, healthy life.

Today I will be sharing my passion which is - creating a happy n healthy world. I am really passionate about learning and sharing tools that make us human beings more happy n healthy n thrive in life. Dear friends I have studied, practice and teach positive psychology, the science of well-being. Plus laughter yoga, yoga, many courses on healing, on spirituality, on empowerment, on coaching, on transforming human behavior. In fact recently I even signed up for a 2 years Masters Degree in Behavioral Health at HK University. Why? Because that's what I love to do. I am in FLOW. I am enjoying myself thoroughly. I sometimes even forget that I haven't eaten dinner while I am working on this. It doesn't tire me one bit. I feel that now my life has meaning and purpose which was missing in the past. I feel more connected to humanity and it comes very naturally to me. To me it feels like God made me for this very purpose. Dear friends, that's my passion. What is your passion? Please pause and reflect on this. What hidden talent has God bestowed upon you that you are hiding from the world. Express it. Let it come out. Dont suppress it. You will definitely be happier and fulfilled by working on that. I hope you got inspired by this video and will pursue your passion & purpose in life.

Please please do this, stay healthy and share it with your family and friends.

This is a community initiative for the fight against the COVID19 virus. Do please PARTICIPATE (Try it) & SHARE with your friends and family. Let's stay happy and healthy and bring some positivity into our lives.

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