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I enjoyed it - the instructors, the content and the practices. It was a positive energy experience that I recommend everyone to take. I came out of the session feeling positive, energized, clear and most important of all happy.

CEO & Founder (YPO Chairman)

Excellent content & presentation in this 4-hour wellness retreat. Loved the trainers. I experienced stress relief, relaxation, positivity, clarity of mind, happiness, peace & felt energized by this learning session.

Michael Wu, Maxim’s Group,

Chairman & Managing Director

What impressed me most about the workshop was how easy it is to create positivity in life and at work. I experienced stress relief, peace and clarity of mind, relaxation, positivity, and I felt energized

P.T. Dobariya, Sarjan Group

Committee Member

Laughter Yoga has improved my health, my mind and made me so much happier. In this workshop, I experienced stress relief, relaxation, fun, joy, happiness, bliss, peace, confidence and empowerment.  My energy level increased by 300% during the workshop. I love this exercise.

Larry Nandwani, Rashmi’s Tailors


Very insightful. Felt so energized. During the 2-hour workshop, I experienced relaxation, peace & confidence and my energy level went from low to great.

Michelle Hou, Talent2 Hong Kong

Talent & Managing Consultant at Asian Recruitment Company

This workshop really gives positive  energy to people who attend it. You’ve done a good job. Thank you so much

Margaret Chan, Hospital Authority

Cluster Services

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Top marks in all areas of the SPIRE Health & Wellness retreat – happiness, stress relief, empowerment, peace, relaxation, clarity & positivity. Felt energized and my stress level went down by over 50%. Loved the laughter yoga. Excellent workshop & very knowledgeable instructors.

Girish Jhunjhnuwala, Ovolo Hotels

CEO & Founder

At the start of the 4-hour workshop, my energy level was barely 3-4 & stress level was 10 (high). During workshop my energy more than DOUBLED and my stress level dropped to 5. Felt relaxed, positive & happier. Very insightful, helpful workshop.

Lawrence Ma, Lee Heng Diamond Group, Mabelle


Thank you so much for conducting such an impressive session for us. We received lots of good feedback from our people : 1) Conduct this class frequently 2) Very good one. Really enjoy. 3) Excellent. Wanna have more. 4) Face stress with Laughter. Overall Rating 90/100

Bertha Ho, Li & Fung – Hong Kong

Assistant Manager - Learning & Organizational Development

My energy and happiness level doubled after attending this workshop. It is such an easy exercise. It energizes you, lifts up your mood, gives you a creativity boost and it’s a wonderful team activity.

Janice Wong, Ocean Park Corporation

Finance Department

Loved the laughter yoga, the powerpoint presentation and all the learning. It was a really good balance of breathing exercises insights and dance. My happiness and energy level increased twofold during this workshop. Very dedicated instructors.

Karishma Puruswaney, Youngster In Her 20’s

At our World Gratitude Day workshop

Before I came to this class, I felt so tired but after this 1-hour workshop, I feel so relaxed and recharged. We want to hold more wellness classes with your company.

Elaine Wong, CITIC Securities International

Head of Human Resources Department

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