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It’s easy to recognize a thriving & flourishing workplace. It is a culture of growing mutual trust, transparency and unity. Top to bottom, it’s a culture where people look forward to coming to work every day because they feel so engaged. It’s a culture where everyone is working together because they not only believe in the organization’s mission, they believe in each other.

But determining what makes a healthy culture is not so easy, and creating one is even tougher.

Each of these eight essentials that spell out F-L-O-U-R-I-S-H has a quantifiable outcome. Objective measures of a healthy, flourishing culture are not only possible; they’re absolutely essential for any company or organization that wants to be the best in their workplace, effectiveness and impact.

Fantastic Teams.

Fantastic teams are those that are effective, engage in passionate dialogue around issues, resolve conflict, and strive for excellence in what they do. They are competent in their work areas and across department lines.  


Life-Giving Work.

Work is inspirational when staff are devoted to their role, are able to utilize their skills and talents to their fullest, and as a result love working in the organization.


Outstanding Talent.  

Flourishing organizations recruit and retain high quality talent, promote those who are most capable and reward their top performers.  


Uplifting Growth and Development.  

This element measures supervisory competence and compassion, the quality of performance feedback, recognition and the opportunity to learn and grow.


Rewarding Compensation.

This factor includes fair compensation and employee satisfaction with their medical, retirement and paid-time-off benefits.  


Inspirational Leadership.  

This dimension measures the authenticity of the leaders.  Leadership is seen as credible when leaders live with integrity, exhibit humility and compassion, are transparent and create high levels of trust in the organization.


Sustainable Strategy.

These organizations have an effective or winning strategy for meeting the needs of those they serve in a high quality way.  There is consensus on the organization goals, and they meet their goals while nourishing long-term loyal relationships.  In fact, staff recommend their services to their friends and family.  


Healthy Communication.

This is active communication and employee involvement. Communication is “real” when staff experience managers listening to their suggestions and acting on them.  Where staff feel free to voice their opinions, diversity is evident and they are encouraged to innovate. These organizations are well run and achieve work/life balance.

List of workshops we offer
- Laughercise Stress Buster
- Laughter Yoga & Yoga Dance For Work-Life Balance & Wellness
- Creating a Positive Focus in the Workplace
- Positive Rituals For Workplace Productivity
- Increase Your Positivity Ratio & Thrive
- Character Strengths & Their Applications
- Practical Tools For Health, Happiness & Well-Being
- Peak Performance Through Breathing & Mindfulness
- Chair Yoga & Deskercise
- Office Yoga For Health & Well-Being
- Yoga For Busy Executives
- Yoga For Rest & Restoration
- Yoga For Detox & Anti-Aging
- Yoga For Weight Loss, Strength and Flexibility
- Brain Yoga For Better Focus, Concentration, Balance & Co-ordination
- Dancercise To Boost Vitality & Creativity
- Positive Focus Laugh-Fit For Team Building
- Gratitude to Boost Positive Emotions & Well-Being
- Appreciative Inquiry Solutions
​- Energize & Recharge Your Batteries
- Happy Staff = Happier Company
- Boost Your Vitality & Creativity
- Thriving & Flourishing in the Workplace
- Creating Awesome, Life-long, Nurturing Relationships in the Workplace
- 10-Step Formula For Thriving Relationships
- 5-weeks Happiness Formula
- 8-weeks to Physical, Mental & Emotional Health & Happiness
- Dress For Success At All Levels
- Positive Rituals To Boost Happiness
- Overcoming Performance Barriers
- Creating an Engaged Workforce using Positive Psychology
- Health & Well-Being Retreat For CEO's & Managers
- S.P.I.R.E. & Its Application In The Workplace
- Workplace Whole Person Well-Being
- Physical Well-Being (Healthy Body, Healthy Habits)
- Spiritual Well-Being (Living a Meaningful, Purposeful Life)
- Intellectual Well-Being (Learning & Growing Successfully in Life) 
- Emotional Well-Being (Boost Positive Emotions & Create Resilience)
- Actions For Happiness & Well-Being
- And many more

Workshop Benefits to businesses & individuals are numerous.

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