Multi Purpose Studio Auditorium Recording Facility 

Our Multi Purpose Space is centrally located in the heart of TST, Kowloon. We can help you in many different ways. See links below.

Workshops Training Venue
Dance Studio Zumba Bollywood classes for rent in TST Kowloon
Recording & Broadcast Studio
Live streaming Web casting studio facility for rent in TST
Meetings & Co-Working Space For Rent in TST
Yoga Studio for rent in TST Pure Yoga Physical Hatha Ashtanga Yin Yoga
Green Screen Studio for rent in TST Photography Video Filming Production
Energy Healing Pranic Healing Reiki Hypnotherapy EFT classes - Wellness Studio for rent in TST
Private Party - Karaoke, Sports, Soccer, Cricket Watch Live Sports with family, friends large screen projection
Meditation Room Mindfulness Space Workshops Classes Studio for rent in TST Kowloon
Interviews Podcast Recording Space Studio for rent in TST Kowloon Audio Video Editing Post Production Sound system Microphone iTunes

Call us for hosting your meetings, using ourCo-working Space - Yoga Studio - Dance Studio - Crystal Bowl Sound Bath - HealingMeditation - Workshops - as an Auditorium for Private Meetings, Sports Parties,  our Conference Center, to host your training & Educational & Marketing Seminars - Intros - Classes - Lectures - Product Launch & Service Demonstrations - Book Launch - Green Screen Studio Broadcast Recording studio and more. 

We can also help you Record and Livestream or webcast your events LIVE on major social media platforms like Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Twitter, etc. Plus we have a Green Screen facility to help you create videos that stand out. 

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