We deliver fun, transformational workplace wellness lunch-n-learn seminars, workshops, retreats, team building activities, talks, keynote addresses

Creating Positive Focus
Physical Well-being, Healthy Body
Dress For Success Workshop
Positive Rituals To Boost Happiness
Positive Emotions In The Workplace
Health & Well Being Retreat For CEOs
Yoga Dance / Dance Aerobics workshop
Intellectual Well-being
Stress Buster Workshop
Desk Yoga / Deskercise
Work Life Balance And Laughter Yoga
Happy Staff Happier Company
Love & Relationships
Office Yoga To Boost Vitality
Brain Yoga For Mental Well-Being
Road To Vibrant Health & Wellness
Recharge & Energize
Peak Performance BreathingMeditation
8 Weeks Health Happiness
Keynote Presentation At Conferences

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List of workshops we offer

- Laughercise Stress Buster

- Laughter Yoga & Yoga Dance For Work-Life Balance & Wellness

- Creating a Positive Focus in the Workplace
- Positive Rituals For Workplace Productivity

- Increase Your Positivity Ratio

- Character Strengths & Their Applications
- Practical Tools For Health, Happiness & Well-Being
- Peak Performance Through Breathing & Mindfulness

- Chair Yoga & Deskercise
- Office Yoga For Health & Well-Being
- Yoga For Busy Executives
- Yoga For Rest & Restoration
- Yoga For Detox & Anti-Aging
- Yoga For Weight Loss, Strength and Flexibility
- Brain Yoga For Better Focus, Concentration, Balance & Co-ordination

- Dancercise To Boost Vitality & Creativity
- Positive Focus Laugh-Fit For Team Building
- Gratitude to Boost Positive Emotions & Well-Being
- Appreciative Inquiry Solutions

- Energize & Recharge Your Batteries

- Happy Staff = Happier Company

- Boost Your Vitality & Creativity

- Thriving & Flourishing in the Workplace

- Creating Awesome, Life-long, Nurturing Relationships in the Workplace

- 10-Step Formula For Thriving Relationships

- 5-weeks Happiness Formula

- 8-weeks to Physical, Mental & Emotional Health & Happiness
- Dress For Success At All Levels

- Positive Rituals To Boost Happiness
- Overcoming Performance Barriers
- Creating an Engaged Workforce using Positive Psychology
- Health & Well-Being Retreat For CEO's & Managers

- S.P.I.R.E. & Its Application In The Workplace

- Workplace Whole Person Well-Being

- Physical Well-Being (Healthy Body, Healthy Habits)

- Spiritual Well-Being (Living a Meaningful, Purposeful Life)

- Intellectual Well-Being (Learning & Growing Successfully in Life) 
- Emotional Well-Being (Boost Positive Emotions & Create Resilience)

- Actions For Happiness & Well-Being

- And many more

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