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Mental Health Talks / Workshops

Our Mental Health Talks and Lunch-n-Learn Workshops focus on
boosting mental health of employees and staff. They can be
delivered face-to-face or virtually. 

Mental ill-health is a growing public health concern. It is essential at both a personal and organizational level to promote and support wellbeing and mental wellness.

An estimated 1 in 7 people in Hong Kong will experience a common mental disorder at any given time. 


Did you know that - for those experiencing mental health conditions / challenges, almost 75% of them do not seek any professional help. Many suffer in isolation as a result of stigma, feelings of shame, lack of awareness about their condition, and also a shortage of accessible professional support.

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Our Mental Health Awareness Talks & Workshops are designed to raise awareness and understanding of mental health. They provide the right foundations to help create a more engaged, happy and high performing culture.


Our talks and workshops aims to:

-  Create an awareness and understanding of mental health, with a focus on common mental health problems like depression, anxiety and stress. 

-  Explore mental health as a right and not a luxury – it is okay not to be okay.

-  Equip participants with the skills and resources to deal with mental health challenges


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Workplace Wellness Solutions resulting in Engaged, Vibrant, Positive, Healthy, Happy & High Performing Employees!

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