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We’ll educate your employees about the importance of wholeperson wellbeing and the specifics of each individual element


Education focuses on raising awareness including Mental Health Awareness, Sleep Awareness, Holistic Wellbeing and its components. We help your organization raise awareness through workshops, campaigns, newsletters, videos, lunch-and-learn, articles, events and other formats.


Mental Health Awareness

According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year. Our Mental Health Awareness workshops tackle two key areas of life that together make a huge difference in people's self-confidence, mental and physical health, engagement, potential and employability.


Staff Wellbeing Workshop / Employee Wellness Webinars

We cover a comprehensive Whole Person Wellbeing model that extends far beyond physical health. 

Our Workshop series covers Physical, Relational, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual Wellbeing. We've expanded the Workshop Series to cover more relevant topics for our everchanging globalized, digital world including Mindfulness, dealing with Burnout, overcoming Loneliness and creating Social Wellbeing. 

Depending on your organization's format, we offer in-person, virtual and hybrid workshops, webinars, Lunch'n'Learn, talks, seminars, keynote speeches and more.


Sleep Awareness Workshops

1 in 3 adults sleep less than 6 hours daily. In this workshop, learn about the superpower that is sleep and how it affects your brain and body.


The experiential workshop starts off with myth-busting games to understand the science behind sleep.


We then introduce participants to a series of breathing & mindfulness exercises, sleep hygiene routines and habits to improve the quality of your sleep. We also discuss insomnia, a common problem in Hong Kong, its triggers and how to overcome this problem.


Stress Management

& Resilience Training

The only constant is change. Developing personal resilience is pivotal in overcoming challenges.


Resilience Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Absenteeism, contributing to better Health and Wellbeing in the long-run. Employees Adapt to Change, Quickly, and the Company Develops a more Loyal and Engaged Workforce.

This workshop helps participants build Resilience through tools including Psychological Flexibility, Growth Mindset, Character Strengths, Thriving Under Pressure, Positive Reframing and Moving From Resilience to Antifragility.


Sustainable High Performance Under Pressure

Too much stress can be harmful, but in moderation, it boosts productivity and performance. We train employees to strike a delicate balance between Stress and Performance and discover how to use stress to your advantage.

We offer stress-busting sessions - starting off with understanding what stress is, how our body reacts to it, the best coping mechanisms and rituals that help you with stress management. We discuss quick-fixes for stress, long-term resilience building, work-life balance and work-life harmony.


Mindfulness Training For Focused Employees & Remote Teams

Most people underestimate the value of a simple awareness that arises from paying attention. In this workshop, we introduce participants to true meaning of Mindfulness - paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment.

With guided meditations and activities, we teach participants to integrate simple mindfulness techniques to relax and relieve stress, improve attention span, increase self-awareness, improve relationships with others and boost productivity.


Wellbeing Training for HR, Management and Executives

We offer training programs for Human Resources teams, Managers and executives to understand and implement wellbeing on an individual and organizational level


The Wellbeing Training sessions include discussions about how managers can integrate holistic wellbeing into company culture, launch wellness campaigns and apply positive leadership to boost productivity, employee engagement and morale.


Launch a Wellness Campaign:

Newsletters, Articles, Social Media, Ambassadors, Workshops, Webinars

We work closely with your organization to support the launch Wellness Campaigns including:

  • Designing posters, flyers, social media content for wellness campaigns including calendars, worksheets, videos

  • Writing articles for weekly / monthly wellbeing newsletters

  • Organizing workshops & events for Wellness Day / Wellbeing Week / Health Week or other related company events 

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs for Wellness Ambassadors, HR and Management

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