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Model United Nations for Schools

Invite all talents to join MUN

Our Services Include Student Workshops,
Teacher Training, and Helping your School Organize / Host a Model United Nations Tournament

As an extra-curricular activity to train your students in logical thinking and negotiation skills

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Student Workshops

​We offer 2-3 full-day workshops / training programs over several months to prepare students for Model United Nations Conferences.
Our Workshops help students:
  • Develop an understanding the overall structure of MUN, different committees & roles and how to start and successfully run an MUN Club at one's school
  • Guide students through the preparation process including research as a delegate on their topic, writing of position papers, and resolutions
  • Master the art of diplomatic writing and problem solving by training students to write resolutions and negotiating with their peers
  • Build future leaders that are confident in public speaking, negotiation and writing speeches for Model UN conferences

Teacher Training

​We offer teacher training programs to help teachers organize and host MUN conferences within their schools / in collaboration with other schools.

We train teachers to n to perform several roles and tasks to prepare for conferences / host the MUN event including 

  • Taking on the role of Chair / Chairperson, Relevant Officials under each committee, Media, Finance, Logistics, Operations and Admin teams

  • Acting as an Advisor to students for conference preparation and acting as the school’s MUN advisor to successfully run an MUN Club

  • Preparing necessary learning materials for the conference

  • Filling in any missing roles when the conference starts (e.g. teacher takes on the role of a delegate if a student is absent - especially if the student was originally taking on the role of a major global power in the committee )

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Hosting / Organizing

Model United Nations Tournaments / Simulations / Conferences

We help schools organize Model United Nations Simulations and Tournaments. This includes:

  • Consultation & Customized Package: Developing a proposal for a  tournament / simulation that meets the school's experiential learning goals, budget and catering to teacher & student needs (e.g. if the school wants to promote a certain UN SDG in the coming academic year, we can set up committees and setting agenda topics)

  • Student Workshops & Teacher Training - Preparing students and teachers for the conference. Formats are flexible including in-person, on Zoom or hybrid. Can be held over a few days / months. 

  • Event Management & Running the Conference - Being present at the tournament to ensure everything runs smoothly and providing Manpower to serve as Chairs  / take on relevant roles at the conference

  • Additional Consultation Services from a globally recognized Model UN Expert

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