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Staff Development Programs for Schools

Workshops and Activities supporting teachers' Personal and Professional Development


At Inspire2Aspire's Staff Development Programs cover three categories: Teaching in a Post Pandemic World, Team Building Activities and Wellbeing Workshops.

staff development day programs for school teachers and staff

Teaching In a Post-Pandemic World

Teaching has gone through a digital overhaul following the pandemic. From virtual and hybrid teaching models to the necessary skills required to communicate and thrive in the classroom. We offer several sessions covering communication, the science of motivation, mindfulness, resilience and much more.

  • Presenting Like a Professional On Zoom

  • Emotional Resilience

  • Positive Change Management

  • Mindfulness In a Busy World

  • Focus in an Increasingly Distracted World

  • Understanding the Science of Motivation


Team Building Activities

As teams return to offices after many months, team members may need an Icebreaker to improve group dynamics for greater cohesion, efficiency and productivity. We offer multiple Team Building Activities - both in-person and virtually.


  • Discovering Character Strengths

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Yoga-Dance Session

  • Desk Yoga/ Office Yoga

laughter yoga team building li & fung employee engagement people
staff development day positive pscyhology teacher wellbeing people solutions

Welbeing Workshops

Mental Health and Wellbeing has never been more important. At Inspire2Aspire, we don't believe in kicking stress out of your life. But using it to your advantage - in the classroom, the office and many other places. We offer Wellbeing Workshops best suited to your staff's needs. 

  • Thriving Under Pressure

  • Dealing With Burnout

  • Using Stress To Your Advantage

  • From Distress to De-stress

  • How to Achieve Work-Life Balance


Our Staff Development Programs are:

  • customizable

  • engaging and interactive

  • virtual or in-person (depending on the needs of the school)

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