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Our Story

Inspiring individuals and organizations to be happier, healthier and aspire for higher goals since 2009

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It all started in 2008 when one of our founders, Mahesh, was diagnosed with a severe respiratory ailment which required immediate surgery. It was a health scare and a wake up call which made him pause and reflect on the trajectory of his life. He managed to avoid the surgery and also began on the path of transforming his lifestyle from a lazy, sedentary one to a more proactive one. Chinese medicine and a complete change in diet plus regular yoga and exercise helped him recover within six months. He lost more than 16 kgs within that period and became more active and energized.

As he was recovering, he also began exploring personal development courses in order to find some meaning and purpose in life. It was a turning point for him and it sowed the seeds of a new business idea that would revolve around creating health, happiness & well-being in Hong Kong.


Having experienced healing through natural means first-hand, both our founders, Honey & Mahesh decided to explore & learn similar wellness practices that could be easily shared in Hong Kong. On one such visit to Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore, India, they tried Laughter Yoga and found it to be a wonderful natural tool to boost health.



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Laughter Yoga was a tried and tested tool. It was practical and easily accessible for everyone and they both enjoyed it thoroughly. This led to the birth of  Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Team. They made it their mission to create awareness and expand the use of Laughter Yoga to boost health and happiness and a more resilient world.


With just 3 friends & family members, they started practicing Laughter Yoga thrice a week in a nearby park in the morning At 8 AM for 45 minutes. Their aim was to laugh and exercise and bond with friends and family. Within few weeks, people found out and joined us and our morning group grew to 20 people. A weekly evening session was introduced which further boosted the numbers to 40-50.


The community started to showing a lot of interest in Laughter Yoga. We got invited to to do Laughter Yoga sessions at elderly homes, schools, NGO’s. We were invited to share about Laughter Yoga at a TEDx event in 2009 which was recorded and live streamed all over Asia.

In 2010, corporates began to show an interest in Laughter Yoga as a stress-busting activity for their employees. One of our first corporate clients was the MTR Corporation and they had us do the workshop for their staff. The aim of that workshop was to show how Laughter Yoga can be used for stress relief & to create a work-life balance. 

In 2012, Inspire2Aspire Consulting was officially registered as a corporate wellness training company. Alongside Laughter Yoga, we began offering workshops on mental health, stress management, mindfulness, office yoga, work-life balance, team building and many other topics. Our network of clients expanded to larger corporates including - HSBC, Citigroup, Prudential, AXA, Hospital  Authority, HKEX, HKUST, Ovolo Hotels and many others.




As part of our goal to aspire individuals and organizations to aspire for higher goals in life, we also introduced training programs focused on self-improvement and peak performance.


For over 12 years we have been empowering organizations and individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing.  Our approach is research-based, data-driven and results-oriented. We use the B-M-S (Body-Mind-Spirit) model throughout our Workshops emphasizing the need for a balance in all aspects of life.


Today we are a well-established training and consultancy firm:
1.    Working with organizations to create a Culture of Wellbeing, Positivity and Happiness including multinational corporations, government departments, SMEs, NGOs, schools, universities and social enterprises through education and awareness, assessment, workshops, training, and consultation services

2.    Helping schools start and implement a Positive Education curriculum including designing the syllabus, learning and teaching materials and lesson plans, delivering workshops to students / organizing Train-the-Trainer Staff Development Day workshops for Teachers.

3.    Designing and delivering Public Speaking and Debate Training at Schools and Universities including Workshops / Webinars about Building Confidence, Content & Organization, Speech Writing, Verbal Delivery, Body Language, Storytelling, Nailing Virtual Presentations, Impromptu Speaking and many more. We also offer Speech Contest Preparation & Coaching (including 1:1 or Group Coaching) Services.


We have big aspirations.  The biggest of which is to create a Hong Kong that thrives – a place that is full of people that are healthy, happy and aspiring for higher goals in life. Wellbeing sits at the heart of everything we do. As we continue to grow in size and scope, we also grow in confidence to share our ideas and provide maximum benefit to our clients in a sustainable and effective manner!


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