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Organize Team Building Activities for Company Events including Face-to-Face and Remote Teams

A Range of Services including event icebreakers, event energizer activities,
strength spotting, employee engagement and team building workshops.

Laughter Yoga: Multi-Purpose Icebreaker, Energizer, Stress Busting, Team Building

Laughter is contagious and it spreads to participants on Zoom and in-person.

Laughter Yoga can be used for Team Building, as an Icebreaker / Energizer, to boost Employee Engagement, to Relieve Stress and Reduce Absenteeism.

It is a great exercise for the body and the brain guaranteed to energize employees and boost creativity, teamwork, positivity and performance. It is also a fun wellness activity that is popularly
requested by most organizations. Most participants report between 50% to 80% reduction in stress from a single 60-minute session and also get clarity on their tasks because their minds are open in the process.


Learn More about the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Strengths-Based Talent Development

Our personalities are made up of strengths and weaknesses. Research shows a strengths-based approach to Talent Development make employees happier and improves employee experience and retention.

In this workshop, we help participants discover their Character Strengths and teach them to apply these strengths to their career, relationships and journey towards self-improvement. Encouraging sharing sessions, team members that understand each others' Character Strengths are able to improve cohesion and relationships among teammates.


Organizations make the most out of this session when paired with Positive Leadership Training for Company Leaders / Managers.

Staff Development Day Workshop at Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

Yoga-Dance Sessions

Yoga Dance combines two energy-boosting activities that serve as excellent icebreakers.

Yoga Dance & Laughter for CITIC

Alongside yoga and dance, we teach participants breathing techniques with many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, purifying blood, boosting metabolism, relieving pain. These are techniques simple enough for participants to learn and practice without a yoga teacher.

Office Yoga and Deskercise

Sitting for long hours at a desk increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, compromises posture and has harmful long-term health consequences if it becomes a habit. 

We teach participants to stay active within a confined office space – be it their desks at work or a small apartment when they're working from home. Yoga poses, combined with breathing exercises, boost blood circulation and energy levels instantaneously. Moreover, participants learn to add these exercises to their work routines and develop more active lifestyles.

Office Yoga for Wellington China (HK)
Office Yoga with teachers at Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School
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