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We’ll discuss habit-building techniques to help your employees and the organization as a whole – sustain these rituals in the long-run.


What makes Habits stick? And how can we make habits stick on an individual and organizational level?


We help your company sustain wellness rituals through training employees, management and wellness ambassadors.

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Habit Formation:
Promote Sustainability and Long-Term Wellbeing

Using the Neuroscience of Habit formation, we touch on the role of the environment, nudges and how simple changes can foster good habits and discourage bad ones. The goal of this session is to have participants pick out habits they want to reinforce and guide them through using the habit cycle to achieve their goals, and introducing company leaders to the science of Habit Formation and practices they can use to foster long-term wellbeing.


Train The Trainer: 

Wellness Trainer / HR /

Senior Management

Our “Train The In-house Wellness Trainer” program covers multiple wellbeing models including SPIRE and PERMA. We break down these models and train the in-house wellness trainers to assess and implement wellness solutions at their organization.


Well-Being Ambassadors in Your Company & Mentorship

Our “Well-Being Ambassadors in Your Company” program not only trains participants about models of wellbeing and positive rituals for reinforcement but also equips them to be ambassadors of wellbeing at their companies.

Inspire2Aspire's Trainers also serve as mentors / coaches to regularly advise your company about wellness initatives & campaigns, email case studies and articles, and organize mentoring sessions to create long-term positive change.

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