We’ll discuss habit-building techniques to help your employees and the organization as a whole – sustain these rituals in the long-run.


We are specialists in whole-person wellbeing and have served clients across industries since 2009 and we help create healthy & happy organizations with engaged and productive employees

Through stress surveys, focus groups and research, we provide insights and expertise to identity solutions to best suit your company’s individual needs. We guide and empower your teams through embedding physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing practices, culture and leadership.

Our mission is to inspire people and organizations to be happier, healthier and aspire for higher goals in life.


Well-Being Ambassadors in Your Company

Our “Well-Being Ambassadors in Your Company” not only trains participants about models of wellbeing and positive rituals for reinforcement but also equips them to be ambassadors of wellbeing at their companies.


Train The In-house Wellness Trainer/ HR Team

Our “Train The In-house Wellness Trainer” program covers multiple wellbeing models including SPIRE and PERMA. We break down these models and train the in-house wellness trainers to assess and implement wellness solutions at their organization.