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CSR and Community Project Partnership

Set up a CSR Wellness Initiative or Explore Partnership
and Collaboration on Community Projects

CSR Starts From Within

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

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33% of Gen Z and millennial workers have turned down a job offer because the company didn’t align with their personal ethics.

The benefits of starting and expanding CSR Initiatives at an organization are plentiful.

1)    Attract and Retain Talent

2)    Improve Loyalty and Employee Retention

3)    Positive, Motivated and Engaged Employees with higher levels of Job Satisfaction 

4)    Positive Impact on The Company’s Reputation

5)    Improving Win-Win Relationships with Customers, Shareholders and Communities

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Services Include:

•    Work-Life Balance and Work-Life Harmony Workshops to Improve Employee Wellness 

•    Workplace Wellness Workshops & Webinars to deliver Equal Access to Wellbeing

Resources across Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Workspaces

•    Reducing risk of Burnout in a high-pressure work environment

•    Training Employees in Stress Management and Resilience to cope with the volatility and challenges of the 21st century and Future of Work

•    Employee Engagement and Team Building Activities for Employees to Bond with Colleagues working from home and from different parts of the world

•    Improve Employee Relations: Applying Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness to Create a Sense of Belonging and Positive Workplace Culture

•    Corporate Fitness, Yoga and Dance Programs to Improve Physical Fitness

•    Consulting Services to Develop and Improve your Organization’s CSR Wellness Strategy: Internal Initiatives, External Community Projects, Philanthropy and Public Relations 

•    Wellness Training for Human Resources, People Management, Managers, Executives and Business Leaders

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Becoming Partners and Collaborating on a

Community Project that addresses a Social Cause

Our Win-Win Projects include:

•    8-Week Path to Happiness Workshop Series for Breast Cancer Survivors

•    Laughter Yoga at Elderly Homes

•    Emotional Resilience for Ethnic Minority Moms

•    Wellbeing and Positive Education for University Students

•    Mindfulness & Self Compassion Workshop for Special Needs Parents 

•    Thanksgiving Lunch with HK’s Domestic Helpers 

If your company has already decided on a social cause or target group that your company, we are open to discussion about implementing the collaboration / partnership.

Start an Employee Wellness Program at Your Organization

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Workplace Wellness Solutions resulting in Engaged, Vibrant, Positive, Healthy, Happy & High Performing Employees!

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