Implementing Positive Rituals on an Organizational Level


We are specialists in whole-person wellbeing and have served clients across industries since 2009 and we help create healthy & happy organizations with engaged and productive employees

Through stress surveys, focus groups and research, we provide insights and expertise to identity solutions to best suit your company’s individual needs. We guide and empower your teams through embedding physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing practices, culture and leadership.

Our mission is to inspire people and organizations to be happier, healthier and aspire for higher goals in life.


Well-Being Ambassadors

Managing energy, not time, is the key to boosting productivity. From understanding your sleep chronotype, to strategic timing of caffeine consumption, to productivity rituals to get in the flow state, discover positive rituals that a team can implement to boost productivity on an organizational level.


Boost Employee Engagement

The “Implementing Positive Rituals on an Organizational Level” program involves interactive workshops about positive psychology interventions to boost job satisfaction, empowering employees to find meaning and purpose in the organization, and the role of leadership


Embracing a Company's Culture

Organizational culture is implicit, but it can make a huge difference in the way employees and managers operate. This workshop targets wellbeing through changes in corporate culture, focusing on the people


Wellness for 21st Century Leadership

In our whole person well-being workshops, we present the 5 dimensions of creating well-being based on the work of Tal Ben-Shahar & the Wholebeing Institute. Understand all the 5 dimensions and how you can look out for them as you lead your organization and employees towards success.


Science of Happiness

Happy workplaces bring huge benefits, not just for people but for organisations too.


People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more and have better health, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose. They also have a huge positive impact on the organisations they work for - evidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative and committed. In this workshop, learn about the science of happiness and rituals for implementation at your workplace!