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Future Readiness Workshops for Students

Excel Academically and in the Workforce

Future Readiness is about training students to succeed in the 21st Century. #FutureReady

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Workshops #1 and 2 - Stress Management Quick Fixes and The Resilience to Thrive in a VUCA World

VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and is an acronym describing the situation of constant change we've experienced in the past few years.

To succeed, our future generations must learn to deal with change in a globalized, face-paced world. And if they go on to become leaders, they have to help organizations and people navigate through this VUCA environment. 

There's no such thing as stress disappearing. However, we can learn to manage stress sustainably and it helps to start from a young age. In the first workshop, we train students to use breathing, mindfulness, self-compassion and other quick-fixes for stressful situations.

The second workshop focuses on long-term stresses and building resilience to turn challenges into learning opportunities in a VUCA world.
Positive Reframing Helps Boost Confidence & Enthusiasm Amongst Students

Positive Reframing Helps Boost
Confidence & Enthusiasm Amongst Students

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Workshop #3 - Ability to Focus in a Digital World using Mindfulness 

A Digital World with constant distractions makes it hard for students to focus, especially as schools shift to hybrid / remote educational setups. 

In this experiential workshop, we use mindfulness to train the mental muscle for students. We teach them to focus better, engage in deep learning - skills that can be applied for better academic performance and concentration when they join the workforce.

Check our out article on whether your school should start a Mindfulness Program

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Workshop #4 - Public Speaking & Debate
Impactful Presentations on Stage / Zoom, Pillars of Persuasion 

public speaking debate communication leadership workshops webinars coaching training
Jerry Seinfeld once said, “At a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy.”

In our workshop, we train students to build confidence to speak in front of physical and virtual audiences. With audience awareness, we help students understand how strategically planning content and drafting a speech can make us more impactful as speakers, including using storytelling and persuasion techniques.

Finally, we look at delivery skills, including using one's voice, body language, the stage and visual aids. Participants share that they don't just learn from this workshop, but also unlearn bad habits like excessive use of filler words and relying too much on scripts.

Workshop #5 - Using Character Strengths to
Discover One's Passion and Career Path

People that apply their character strengths are happier and more resilient. Teaching Character Strengths improves relationships, mental health and helps students build confidence and plan how they'll use these strengths in their future careers.

In this workshop, we help students discover their own strengths and introduce them to careers where they can apply these strengths. Through activities, we train students to become active listeners to identity classmates' strengths and facilitate discussions about future careers. 

In addition to working with the students, we work with teachers to apply strengths-based education in classrooms as well as parent-teacher associations to understand and implement positive parenting. This includes Positive Leadership, Strengths-based Parenting, Positive Education training sessions for staff as well as preparing materials to use in classrooms.

Organize Staff Development Day Workshops at Your School

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Workshop #6 - Social & Emotional Intelligence
Empathy, Positive Emotions and Positive Relationships

emotional intelligence social wellbeing workshops youth empowerment development
The goal of this session is for students to get a better understanding of social and emotional intelligence, starting with better self-awareness of one's emotions. Social intelligence builds on this to improve communication and thus cultivate Positive Relationships with others. 

We organize activities to train students in empathy and compassion - not just towards others but also themselves. We look at Positive Rituals that improve relationships including gratitude, active listening, forgiveness and reciprocity behind long-lasting friendships and relationships. Finally, we discuss the role of authenticity and vulnerability in connection.

Workshop #7 - Creativity, Curiosity and Problem Solving

How does one spur curiosity and creativity amongst students? How does one train them to become problem solvers? 

In this workshop, we help students challenge conventional wisdom. Through questions we help them move away from the tried-and-true and use questions and curiosity to get them thinking outside the box and solving problems. In the process, we train them to cultivate the right mindset, change perspective quickly and broaden their horizons in classrooms and when they graduate.
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