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Happiness Wellbeing TEDxTalk - Nov 2021

This TED talk was delivered by our Chief Happiness Officer, Mahesh Pamnani (nickname: Happy) in November 2021 at HKU. In it, he shares his happiness journey of how he went from surviving to thriving. Learn how he transformed himself from a trader to a Chief Happiness Officer who has made over 100,000 people laugh in the last 12 years and how he continues to make a difference by sharing positive education, happiness, health and wellbeing tools in Hong Kong.

He shares how to become happier in life. Using Positive Psychology, the science of happiness and human flourishing he shows you how to become happier by practicing intentional activities that boost happiness and wellbeing. His mission in life is: to inspire people to be happy and healthy and to aspire for higher goals in life.

Mahesh delivers wellness, whole person well-being and positive education workshops at corporates, universities, schools, NGO's, government organizations to empower and inspire them to use evidence-based tools and techniques to boost mental health, happiness & wellbeing.

Using Positive Psychology Wellbeing models like SPIRE, PERMA, PERMAH and PROSPER, he teaches how one can take a holistic approach to creating wellbeing focusing on 5 domains of wellbeing - physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual. He is also an expert in the tried and true happiness practice that is laughter yoga.

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