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Public Speaking Training for Corporations

Make Soft Skills Training a Part Of Your Company’s Training Program

Corporate Training:
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Inspire2Aspire offers Professional Development Workshops for Corporates, NGOs, Government Departments, Schools and Universities. 

We help companies organize: 


  • Face-to-face / virtual / hybrid workshops about Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Pitching, Confidence, Connecting with the Audience, Body Language, Storytelling, Persuasion, Impromptu Speaking, Communication and Leadership

  • Experiential & Interactive Workshops – Activities for Participants to Apply Skills Learnt and Receive Feedback from Coaches & Peer Evaluations

  • 1:1 OR Group Coaching Services for Employees - Coaching Sessions to deliver High Impact Presentations

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs for Company Leaders, Executives, Managers and Internal Trainers 

Experiential & Interactive Workshops 

Public Speaking is like Swimming. You don’t learn unless you get in the water. This is why we DON’T DO LECTURES.

You read that right. 

Our lecture-to-activity ratio is 10:90. During workshops, our trainers focus on activities to apply skills learnt and promote an exchange of feedback between participants, coaches and peers. 

Impromptu speaking table topics activity
public speaking interactive training programs workshops

Customized Training Solutions:

One-Off Workshops / Long-Term Training Programs

Storytelling Persuasion pitching skills workshops

Formats include workshops, webinars, seminars, training program, courses, classes, lessons, study groups, coaching sessions, talk, guest speaker sessions.

Train the Trainer workshops for staff employees managers remote teams

We offer Customized Training Solutions depending on your company / employee needs

Our Workshops include:


  • Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Learning to Shine on Stage

  • Impactful Presentation Skills 

  • Nailing Virtual Presentations

  • Building Confidence & Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Delivery Skills – Using Your Voice, Body Language, the Stage

  • Storytelling Workshops

  • Impromptu Speaking: Speaking without a Script

  • Applying Persuasion Techniques to Speeches

  • Sell an Idea: Mastering Pitching Skills 

  • Connecting with your Audience: Effective Communication Skills 

  • Emcee Training / MC Training / News Anchoring

  • Public Speaking Training Course (Pre-recorded / Live)

  • Soft Skills Training: TED Speaker Style

  • Interview Skills: Workshop & Resume Review & Mock Interviews

  • English Speaking: Presentation Training Program

Organizations We Work With

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