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Laughter Yoga Benefits

We have been demonstrating Laughter Yoga & Yoga Dance & Its Benefits to Hong Kong’s Workforce & Community Since 2009

How Laughter Improves Employee and Business Performance :

Stress Release
Laughter feels good. Fact. Why? It changes the chemicals in your brain. Less cortisol means less stress! And less stress means better overall health.


Peak Performance
Laughter causes the brain to produce a healthy D.O.S.E. of hormones that function similarly to the runner's high.  

  • Dopamine (reward system, happiness, learning)

  • Oxytocin (bonding)

  • Serotonin (mood boost)

  • Endorphins (energy and focus)

Plus the brain and other organs get more oxygen when you laugh. Put this all together and you've got an energized, inspired and cohesive group ready to be a successful team. 

Team Building
Laughter is a great communication enhancer. People who laugh together work better together. This is why laughter is so effective in team building, communication and leadership programs. Group laughter: 

  • Breaks down barriers

  • Increases likeability

  • Makes us more transparent

  • Connects and bonds us

  • Breaks down our inhibitions

  • Brings out our best

  • Enhances self esteem

  • Creates safety

  • Collapses the need/desire to criticize

  • Interrupts the power struggle

  • Diffuses conflict 

Creativity and Innovation
Laughter Yoga and Yoga Dance stimulates the creativity center of the brain. Innovation keeps you ahead of the competition. Our programs teach people to access their inner creative resources at any time through unconditional laughter. This active laughter enables teams to creatively approach workplace challenges and expand the range and depth of solutions. 


Increased Attention Span in Trainings and Planning Sessions
Typically our attention span maxes out around 90 minutes due to ultradian rhythms. Our laughter programs expand this capacity because of, again, the natural effects of the brain's "happy hormones." The result is better concentration and memory, more energy and focus for long training and planning sessions, and ultimately, employees who achieve their potential. 


Positive Work Environment
Employee turnover is expensive. An environment that keeps people happy, inspired and creative improves communication and job satisfaction. This boosts productivity and reduces costs. Research shows laughter leads to an increase in positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions, thereby improving emotional intelligence. That's just a smart move for your team and your bottom line.  


Improved Health and Wellness
Laughter Yoga is a simple and powerful way to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. It is ideal exercise for busy people because it does not require special exercise clothing or equipment. Participants often feel the benefits from the very first session, in as little as a thirty-minute icebreaker. 


Ideal Exercise for Busy People
Lack of exercise leads to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and many stress-related illnesses. Since Laughter Yoga or Laughercise functions as aerobic exercise, those who have limited time to exercise can quickly and easily attain health benefits. Laughter Yoga is flexible aerobic exercise that does not require special exercise equipment, clothing, or extensive time commitments.

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Workplace Wellness Solutions resulting in Engaged, Vibrant, Positive, Healthy, Happy & High Performing Employees!

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