Public Speaking Training for Schools

Invite Hong Kong's Youngest Public Speaking Champion to Coach Your Students

Standard and Customized Packages for Schools

As an extra-curricular activity or to train your students for a contest, we've got you covered. 

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Standard Package

6-Part Workshop Series covering the basics of Public Speaking with activities for students to practice in class. Suitable for Primary and Secondary School Students, as an OLE (Other Learning Experience) or English Enhancement Program. The school can also organize the workshop series to train students right before a contest or as a general learning activity. 

  • ​Content & Organization

  • The Power of One's Voice

  • Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Body Language

  • Storytelling Skills

  • Impromptu Speaking

Recommended time for each workshop: 1.5 hours

Customized Package

Our Team will schedule a call with your school's English teachers to discuss the challenges students face and work out a Customized Training Program Package with workshops that would best address these challenges.

In addition to the workshops, students will receive individualized feedback and coaching. Public Speaking is a skill that comes with practice. This is why we help Schools organize Speech Contests and invite Hong Kong's most renowned public speakers to serve as judges and inspire today's youth to become better speakers, and better leaders. 

  • Nailing Virtual Presentations

  • Argumentation & Rebuttals

  • Pillars of Persuasion - Ethos, Pathos and Logos

  • Resume Review & Interview Skills

  • Group Discussions

  • School-Based Assessments

  • The Art of Evaluation

  • Informative, Narrative, Persuasive and Inspirational Speeches

  • Debate Coaching Services

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Meet Your Trainer: Joy Pamnani

Joy Pamnani is a Communication and Peak Performance Trainer and the Chief Innovation Officer at Inspire2Aspire Consulting, with over 6 years designing and delivering Soft Skills Training for Primary and Secondary Schools, Corporates, NGOs and Toastmasters. She has represented her school, university and Hong Kong in various speaking contests

Complete the Form Below to Download a Workshop Catalogue for Your School

Complete the Form Below to Download a Workshop Catalogue for Your School!

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