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We assess the state of wellbeing at your organization including physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing, identifying areas for improvement.


Through stress surveys, focus groups and research, we provide insights and expertise to identity solutions to best suit your company’s individual needs. This includes designing wellbeing campaigns, recommending the right workshop and training programs tailor made to suit your organization’s needs. 

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Workplace Well-Being / Wellbeing at Work Assessments: Survey & Focus Groups

Through wellbeing models, we help you assess employee wellbeing, identify cause and effect, and provide recommendations on wellness solutions.

Focus groups help to understand workplace wellbeing as employees narrate experiences and discuss wellness-related challenges in detail to find the most appropriate solution.


Employee Happiness at Work & Job Satisfaction

Dissatisfied workers are a major issue for corporations, resulting in increased turnover, brain drain, absenteeism.  A study conducted at the University of Warwick predicted that productivity levels increased by up to 12% when leadership invested sincerely in promoting happiness and wellbeing at work.

Through surveys, focus groups and interviews, we help assess employee happiness levels, identify factors contributing to happiness / dissatisfaction, recommend and deliver tailor-made wellness solutions.


Remote Worker Survey

As Remote Work becomes more common, it can be challenging to assess an employee’s state of wellbeing if you don’t see this person in the office everyday.


Through a Remote Worker survey, you can better understand remote workers and discover changes to be made in leadership style, HR Team rituals and company culture that promote wellbeing.


Individual Stress Assessment

Individual Stress Assessment involves 1:1 consultations with an individual to understand sources of stress - both from work and in other aspects of life. The goal is to determine the biggest stressors and an action plan best suited to the individual. 


Stress Assessments are best combined with Stress Management workshops - where we help participants identify triggers for stress and the workshop can be customized to suit their needs.


Manager Stress Assessment & Training

Manager Stress Assessment focuses on on 3 things:


1) For a manager to develop self-awareness and notice the stress he / she is facing

2) To master techniques to deal with stress including breathing, mindfulness, yoga and other positive rituals

3) Training the Manager to help an employee deal with stress at work (including noticing symptoms of stress and burnout, developing skills, mindset and experience to help this employee with recovery)

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