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Debate Coaching for Schools and Universities

Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Debate Training

Make Debate Part of Your School's Curriculum

Invest in your students’

Critical Thinking
Communication Skills

Inspire2Aspire offers a range of services in debate including:

Student Workshops For Primary & Secondary Schools & Universities


Regular Debate Training Sessions / Classes (weekly training sessions as an ECA / OLE / part of the curriculum)

Enrolling your students in a Debate Course (one-off workshop / long-term training program)

School Debate Team Coaching Services (motion breakdown, speech writing & editing, mock debates)

Public Speaking & Debate camps over the Easter and Summer Holidays at our TST Learning Centre

Debate Teacher Training & Adjudication Workshops

Staff Development Day workshops (full / half-day teacher training) 

Friendly Matches 

Matching up schools & providing adjudicators for friendly debate matches

Issuing certificates to participants and winners

From Beginner to Champion

As an extra-curricular activity or to train participants for a contest, we've got you covered. 

Face-to-Face and Virtual Training for Hang Seng University Debate Team (including World Universities Debating Championships, Asia Universities Debating Championships, friendly matches

Introductory Debate

The first few sessions are about getting participants comfortable on stage through activities and practice.


We explore a variety of topics across themes and look at the best practices debaters adopt in persusasion. 

Debate Training Activities include Mock Debates / Impromptu Discussions, Putting on Thinking Hats, Speech Writing, Peer Evaluations

Argumentation & Rebuttals

One of the most common mistakes in debate is for a debater to throw arguments but forget to link it to the relevance of the debate.

Intermediate Debate training sessions focuses on exactly that - to help participants form and clearly weigh arguments and rebuttals to prove their side deserves the trophy. 

We combine training with discussions about strategy.


Depending on which team is assigned, participants will have to make decisions about which arguments to win and which to lose if they want to win the top spot. We teach participants how to evaluate tradeoffs and pick the smarter strategy.

Advanced Debating:

By The Theme and the Format

Themes include:

  • International Relations & Geopolitics

  • Individuals and Society

  • Environment

  • Healthcare

  • Welfare

  • Economics

  • Law & Order

  • Sports and Art

  • Social Movements

  • Hypothetical Motions

Format-Specific Training:

PolyU Toastmasters Club General Evaluator & Guest Speaker

Complete the Form Below to Download a Workshop Catalogue for Your School

Complete the Form Below to Download a Workshop Catalogue for Your School!

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