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Positive Parenting / Strengths-Based Parenting

Positive Parenting / Strengths-Based Parenting

Knowing our top 5 or signature character strengths and using them in daily life can not only help us in achieving our goals in life but also help us to become happier, engaged and productive individuals. Character Strengths are positive parts of our personality that impact how we think, feel and behave. These positive character traits are what we are naturally good at.

When character strengths are applied in parenting, both parents and their teenage children thrive and report higher well-being scores, fulfillment, better performance and more resilience. Taking a strengths-based parenting approach, parents are able to easily communicate with their kids and vice-versa. Also this approach increases engagement leading to mutual understanding. It also reduces stress and adversity, impacts academic performance and it is easier to empower & guide teenagers when we understand their strengths.

Course length :

2 hours


Positive Parenting / Strengths-Based Parenting

Mahesh Pamnani

Mahesh Pamnani is Inspire2Aspire Consulting's Chief Happiness Officer and Wellness Coach / Mental Health Educator / Trainer. He has been leading health & happiness workshops for Corporates, NGOs and HK Government since 2009.

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