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Happiness at work is a win-win. Research done by Professor Shawn Achor at Harvard shows just how much difference happiness makes in an organization.

Happy, engaged people are healthier and more productive, they have more ideas, are more likely to contribute over and above their job responsibilities and support colleagues, are less likely to leave or fall sick and are more likely to get to work on time. Happiness is great for teamwork and so much more.

Every business, organisation and team obviously wants to perform at their best; to be as productive as possible. Every business would also like to attract and keep the best people; and to get the most out of their best people.

What many of them don’t realise is that one of the most powerful strategies to achieve these desirable goals is… positivity.

Research from a variety of disciplines, from Business Schools to Psychology Departments, has increasingly established strong links between positive culture and performance, between positive leadership and business results.

In short, happy workers are better and high performing workers.

Our highly experienced and qualified trainers at Inspire2Aspire Consulting have lots of experience creating happiness in the workplace.

We have worked with leaders and teams from some of Asia's leading companies including top banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, government departments, hospitals & the medical community, the training, development & education sector, the manufacturing industry, retail giants, airlines, property conglomerates, hotels, food & beverage and entertainment industries and a range of other businesses in pretty much every industry. And we have a lot of experience delivering keynote addresses at business conferences and events.

Every program is tailored to suit the individual needs and goals of the client; with the main components usually including some combination of consulting and advising, seminars and workshops, and mentoring. And it can be customized to your requirements (from 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, half day, full day).

So if you or your team could do with a shot of positivity, to enhance results or better cope with change and adversity, then get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Our experienced & dynamic trainers can help you in creating a healthy, happy, vibrant, positive, energized & high performing workforce.

Companies hire us to deliver fun, inspiring, motivational, lunch-n-learn workshops, seminars, team building activities, for Work Life Balance and Peak Performance workshops, for on-site and off-site health and well-being retreats for their staff, executive and management teams.


We also empower and inspire people through our icebreaker energy boosting workshops and deliver keynote presentations at global conferences / meetings.


What benefits people get out of our workshops & seminars are :






We have worked with 100's of companies in Hong Kong and created memorable experiences for their staff. That's why they keep calling us back.

Our work has been extensively covered by leading
TV stations and newspapers worldwide. 


We have our own in-house Wellness Studio / Workshop Rental Space

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