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How do Hongkongers Define Wellbeing? And Why?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

How would you define wellbeing?

A trip to the gym? A month off work?

We surveyed 100 Hongkongers about their definition of wellbeing.

We conducted this survey in May 2021.

Wholeperson Wellbeing and Why It Matters

At Inspire2Aspire Consulting, we believe in wholeperson wellbeing. Building on the Wholebeing Institute SPIRE Model: encompassing Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational & Spiritual Wellbeing..

In our “Getting Started with the SPIRE Model” this corporate wellness package, we briefly introduce you to the core concepts of wholeperson wellbeing and dig deep into each aspect - discussing theory and application. We train individuals and organizations to successfully integrate the SPIRE wellbeing model into their careers, relationships, and journey towards becoming healthier and happier individuals. Throughout the session, we share evidence-based tools and guide participants through implementation.

Through interactive discussions we train the participants to successfully integrate the SPIRE wellbeing model into their lives, their careers, their families, their relationships. Throughout the session, we share evidence-based tools that help the participants to fulfill on their own potential.

The SPIRE whole-person wellbeing model works on all 5 areas of wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational & Spiritual.

With this package, your organization can expect participants to learn the processes and practices of positive psychology.

Some Benefits include:

1) Develop self-efficacy and grounded optimism.

2) Apply the SPIRE model of well-being to increase appreciation for and application of a multifaceted view of thriving or flourishing.

3) Attain higher levels of whole-person well-being, increase creativity, motivation, health, and overall success in individuals, groups, and organizations

4) Identify and understand one’s character strengths and virtues and learn how to use them in daily life to engage and create your unique and best self

5) Construct and live into a narrative that aims towards the ideal self.

6) Discover a higher purpose and set concrete goals in relation to that purpose.

7) Enhance positive emotions and navigate painful ones.

8) Build resilience and grit. Develop anti-fragility in the process. Navigate challenges by using tools that build resilience when times are smooth, and reinforce a resilient response when times are tough.

9) Understand the key drivers of healthy and happy interpersonal relationships, and how to apply this understanding to one's own and others' relationships. It is about cultivating positive relationships and constructively working with conflict when it arises.

10) Explore how positive psychology contributes to the art and science of self-leadership, and its relationship to leadership in all domains of life. Bring out the best in oneself and others by employing a strengths-based, appreciative approach in conversation, attitude, and behavior

11) Bring lasting change to individuals and organizations and not just a temporary high.

12) Systematically progress using a well-researched and evidence-based process towards the realization of life goals and objectives.

Employees to attain higher levels of whole-person well-being, creativity, motivation, health, resilience and overall success

Teams to improve relationships among members, as employees bring out the best in themselves through character strengths and virtues, positive emotions and discovering a higher purpose

The organization as a whole to experience lasting change and flourish, not just a temporary high.

We offer this course to all organizations - from schools to businesses. If you’re looking to realize your true potential for wellbeing and success, this package is for you.

Integrate wholeperson wellbeing into your organization. Email and check out our video for more details.


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